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Standard Powdered Latex Gloves Box of 100

Standard Powdered Latex Gloves Box of 100

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Powdered Vinyl Gloves

Powdered Vinyl Gloves

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The UK has a greater number of public and private CCTV systems per person than anywhere else on the planet. CCTV is the general term used to describe surveillance equipment. CCTV or closed-circuit television systems consist of a monitor and a camera connected together for the purpose of observation in a closed circuit. CCTV is supplied in either mono, black and white or more commonly colour. Recent technological developments has meant CCTV systems can be used in almost any situation to observe and record. Small covert cameras and recording equipment has revolutionised crime detection and prosecution. CCTV systems have become wide spread and in the UK laws govern its use. The CCTV Data Protection Act governs the use of CCTV in the UK and most advanced public systems need to register with the Data Protection Agency to control the data captured by the system.


Digital video recorder or DVR is fast becoming the most popular form of security recording in the UK. With the cost of DVRs coming down dramatically in price since the introduction to the market the implementation of these high tech recording devices has largely been lead by the independent small businesses of the UK. The recording quality improvement and functionality of digital video recorders has aloud small and medium sized businesses to produce almost professional quality recordings for the purposes of crime prevention and prosecution. Digital video recording for security purposes is usually done on a PC (personal computer) or stand alone DVR (an stand alone DVR box). Giving features such as internet camera view, motion detect recording, and detailed event search the digital video recorder is one of the biggest development in CCTV since cameras have been used for observation.

CCTV Security Camera

A cctv security camera also known as a surveillance camera is an essential part of any cctv system. It is the main element to any cctv surveillance system and determines the clarity and field of view of images captured. CCTV cameras are very important to any system the quality of any cctv system is judged by the picture quality and image relevance to the purpose of the system application. Security cameras have evolved over the last 20 years starting with the old Vidicon tube style cameras into CCD chip cameras which use a micro chip to capture images. The latest cameras, IP cameras are connected directly to a computer network and can be viewed by software on a pc or typing in the specific IP address of the camera..

CCTV Security System

A cctv system is a collection of essential surveillance products required to product a picture or a group of pictures on screen. A basic cctv security system often includes cctv security camera, camera controller, dvr, video monitor or cctv tft monitor and cables.

Wireless CCTV Security Cameras

Wireless cctv camera is a camera which connects to the camera controller with no wires. Wireless cctv equipment is popular with domestic users because installation is easier. Domestic wireless security systems generally have a limited range and require a clear line of sight between the receiver and transmitting units to produce a clear uninterrupted image on screen. In the main professional cctv systems do not use a wireless connection as they are often unstable or unsuited to a demanding professional application.

CCTV Products and Services

Information, details, specification and help on the complete range of CCTV products available.
Click here for CCTV products and services available.

What is an IP CCTV Camera

What is an IP security camera. An IP CCTV Camera is a stand-alone unit which allows you to access camera pictures via a computer network. You can view live, full motion video from anywhere in the world. IP Cameras can be used for security surveillance of homes and work environments. IP cameras offer the ability to record live video to a remote location, IP technology has adds extra security by allow you to make sure your recorded video is safe by storing it at a location that only you can access.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV Security Cameras Click here

CCTV DVRs and Digital Video Recorders

CCTV DVRs and Video Recorders Click here

Wireless Security CCTV Cameras

Wireless CCTV Security Cameras Click here

CCTV and Data Protection

Security Cameras and Recording Security CCTV Systems in the UK are governed by the CCTV Data Protection Act. Operators of CCTV system are required to register theer CCTV systems with the government and provide a copy of any public footage stored on there system on request.
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MKII Cash In Transit Helmet (Ref: 1463)
MKII Cash In Transit Helmet

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Ci Tech Pro Vandal Dome Camera (Ref: 962)
Ci Tech Pro Vandal Dome Camera

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Pelican ligature knife (Ref: 5405)
Pelican ligature knife

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Brief Case Style With Alarm & Wrist Strap Cash Carry Cases (Ref: 1653)
Brief Case Style With Alarm & Wrist Strap Cash Carry Cases

Price: 249.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
Mk 1 Cash Collection Trolley (Ref: 6385)
Mk 1 Cash Collection Trolley

Price: 575.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
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